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Hostile by Leila Haven

Hostile Leila Haven


Leila Haven

Ariana is a stubborn journalist who has been living in the middle of Afghanistan to get the perfect story. Derrick is a hardened soldier who just wants to get the job done. Ariana is dedicated to her job and not looking for any kind of relationship, especially not with a soldier who acts like a total jerk. Derrick is married to the Army and just wants to sate his physical hunger and leave, especially with a journalist who could tear his heart and job apart.

After picking up a group of civilians, Derrick’s team is in charge of getting them to another base to fly them back to the US. What they don’t count on is having their truck hijacked, walking across the desert, and being split up by another bombing. Derrick and Ariana have to travel across a hostile country to find another base and safety. They’re shot at, nearly blown up, and get separated from one another by the Taliban, but they finally make it to friendly ground.

Refusing to admit they’ve fallen for each other, they’re separated for months with no parting words or communication while Derrick is still on tour. Derrick travels to New York on a split second decision to find Ariana and admit his love for her.

This is a standalone military contemporary romance with a HEA. Mature audiences only.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I loved the banter between the two, even though it was negative a lot. I would only change a few things. I wish we had gotten to see Ariana’s side when she’s taken by the Taliban, even if it was just for a little bit of the abuse she suffered. I also wish Derrick had explained more of why he was such a jerk to Ariana after they’re reunited. Her complete acceptance of it just didn’t flow with her personality through the rest of the book, in my opinion.

Despite that, I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone who loves hot scenes and alpha males.

4/5 stars

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