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Rookie Mistake by Tracey Ward

Rookie Mistake Tracey Ward

Rookie Mistake (An Offensive Line book one)

Tracey Ward

Sloane Ashford is an agent at her father’s sports agency. She’s been tracking a quarterback, Trey Domata, for years while he was playing in college. Now he’s graduating and looking to draft into pro football, and Sloane is looking to pick him up. In a backstabbing move, her father signs him instead, but puts Sloane on Trey to act as his agent.

She quickly begins working to get him drafted into his dream team, the Kodiaks. After a fateful night in the pool, they slowly begin a forbidden relationship. They have to work together to try to overcome Trey’s panic attacks, blackmail, Brad Ashford, and the professional wall that blocks them from being together.

Standalone, Sports Romance with a HEA. Mature audiences only.

Honestly, I have no complaints about this book. I love Tracey Ward’s writing. I love the strong female characters she has. I love the interactions and wittiness we see between the two lead characters. I just love this book!

Tracey Ward has been a favorite of mine ever since I read my first book of hers, Dissever. She’s got a diverse list of books, so there’s probably a little bit for everyone! I highly recommend this entire series, and will be reading it again. (This is actually my second time reading this book)

5/5 stars!


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