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Wide Open by Tracey Ward

Wide Open Tracey Ward

Wide Open (An Offensive Line book three)

Tracey Ward

Harper is filming a documentary featuring key players for the Kodiaks. Kurtis Matthews is the tight end for the team with an even tighter grip on his life and his secrets. Despite knowing that it could ruin both of their careers should their secrets come out, they can’t resist the pull they feel for one another.

They spend a great few weeks before it all blows up in their faces when the two won’t give up their secrets. When Harper needs help the most, though, Kurtis is quick to save her. He finally decides to tell her his big secret, and she agrees to tell hers with the hopes that it won’t all blow up again.

Standalone Sports Romance with a HEA. Mature audiences only.

These books just keep getting better and better! My only wish is that there had been more of a danger factor  with Harper and Derrick. It just felt a little anticlimactic, but that could also be because I like for a little danger in the novels I read. This is still an amazing book.

I absolutely recommend the whole series and the author in general. I really hope there’s another book featuring Tyus!

5/5 stars

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