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Dare to Love by Carly Phillips

Dare to Love Carly Phillips

Dare to Love

Carly Phillips

The moment Riley and Ian see each other, there’s an instant draw. When Riley’s best friend, who happens to be Ian’s half brother, finds them together, he pulls her away and warns her against Ian. When she tries to use her connection with Ian, who is the president of a football team in Miami, in order to save her job, it backfires because he never calls back. When Ian finds out that he cost her his job, he has her come work for his team.

Over the course of a week, he takes Riley to dinner every night. He finally managed to get her back to his apartment, and they fall in bed together. They both have major issues, though, that almost ruin the relationship multiple times. When Riley’s past comes back to blackmail her, will she choose Ian or fall back into her old independence?

Standalone contemporary romance with a HEA. Not a love triangle, thank God.

Ian is hot. Let’s just get that out on the table. He’s dominant and needs control, but Riley somehow manages to penetrate his walls. He’s still extremely bitter about his father leaving his mother to go be with his father’s other family. Riley helps him work through some, but most of that will just take time to get over.

Riley has major trust issues that stem from her abusive father. It doesn’t help that Ian is quite controlling at first and a dominant male. She manages to get over some of her reservations, but still seems to hold herself apart, not giving all of herself to the relationship which almost destroys everything.

Such a great love story. I absolutely recommend this! I am looking forward to reading about the rest of the Dare siblings.

5/5 stars



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