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A Beautiful Struggle by Lilliana Anderson


A Beautiful Struggle

Lilliana Anderson

Katrina Mahoney has just gotten out of a horrible relationship that ended up with her being pushed through a glass door and sent to the hospital. Having only been single for a year, she hardly feels ready to move on and date again. She applies for a position at a law firm where she meets the charismatic yet aloof junior solicitors at the firm, Elliot Roberts. Despite the no dating office rule, the two quickly succumb to their attraction to one another. After getting caught, they reel it back and become friends first.

Eventually they do decide to begin a relationship, but Katrina is still pining after her best friend, David. She’s always wanted him, but he’s always shut her down and just wanted to remain friends. Until he realizes that he might have officially lost Katrina to Elliot forever. David finally confessed his love to Katrina, but then he decides it’s too painful to just be her friend. Katrina continues in her relationship with Elliot until one day he just stops speaking to her. She finds out that his father has threatened to cut him off if he continues to see her, so he figured he would never be able to go through with the break up if he actually talked to Katrina. She and David end up finally getting together later, and live happily ever after.

Standalone, New Adult Romance. Mature audiences only. HEA ending.

Okay. Let me say one thing first. I EFFING HATE LOVE TRIANGLES WITH A BURNING PASSION.  I just feel like they do absolutely nothing to add to a love story. I hate them. I hate them. I hate them. There. Now that that’s out, I will try to give an honest  review.

Honestly, I love Elliot. I love Elliot so much more than David. Maybe I would have felt differently had I read the prequel first, but instead I followed the author’s guided reading order. Big mistake. I just couldn’t stand David. I mean, Katrina is still pining over him after all these years when he’s done nothing but shut her down and break her heart. Elliot has done nothing but show her that he wanted her. With that being said, I think the plot point of him deciding to break up with her so his father didn’t cut him off was the lamest and most unimaginative thing I’ve read in a while. This is a 25 year old man who is working at a successful law firm, and you want me to believe that he can’t support himself? Bull. Whatever. I can’t change it, but all the author did was paint Elliot in this horrible light.

I’m not Katrina’s biggest fan, obviously. I just really wanted her with Elliot. I do like books where guy/girl friends eventually realize their love for one another and become an item, but (and maybe this has to do more with my hatred of love triangles) I don’t feel the need to break up a wonderful relationship to pursue that storyline. I think this could have been an amazing love story by itself. But I digress.

Honestly, had I known this was a love triangle story, I wouldn’t have read it. From what I gather from the summaries of the other books, some of them are, too. If you like love triangles, then by all means, I totally recommend this book to you. However, if you’re like me, don’t read it. It’s just disappointing. I’ll probably read the next book just so I can see Elliot get his happy ending, but I doubt I’ll read any others in this series. If I do, you’ll definitely see the review. (: I hate giving bad reviews, but I just could not click with it. ):

2/5 stars

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