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Divine Redemption by Rose Hudson

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I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

Divine Redemption (Divine Series book two)

Rose Hudson

Erin and Patrick are deep in love even if they’ve not admitted it yet. An evil person from Patrick’s past comes to threaten the peace that surrounds both of them. Jo, Patrick’s ex-stepmother, has returned to enact her final revenge on the Broussard men. To hurt and lure Patrick, Jo abducts Erin and takes her to an empty warehouse. When Patrick learns that Erin’s missing, he goes to the cops who take too long to act, so he decides to go after her himself. Ruth also decides to sneak to the warehouse once she learns what is going on.

When Jo lets Erin and Ruth go, they know this will be the last time they’ll see Patrick alive. Erin soon receives a call that her sick father has made a turn for the worse. Upon arriving at the hospital in Tennessee, though, she finds out that a last minute donor match was made, and her father and the donor are in surgery. When they’re out, she feels the intense urge to thank the donor for keeping at least some of her family together. Who she sees in the hospital bed, though, causes her heart to stop and restart again.

Book two in a series – NOT a standalone. Contemporary romance with a HEA. Mature audiences only.

So let’s talk about Jo. I actually really loved that we got to see what caused her to go off the rocker like she has. I think it added a little more humanity to this “evil” character.

I’m still in awe of Patrick and Erin. I wanted to cry right along with Erin when she had to leave Patrick for dead. I’m just so glad that it all worked out in the end, and everyone ends up happy.

No, I won’t tell, either, who she found in the bed! Mwahahaha. Read it for yourself to find out. (;

Seriously, though. This series was glorious. I absolutely found another author to add to my favorites! And I would love to read on about a few other characters…namely Dawson and Mel!

5/5 stars

Check this book out: Amazon Goodreads Rose Hudson Books

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