Book of the Day

Free BOTD: Royally Screwed by Jessica Ashe


Title: Royally Screwed

Author: Jessica Ashe

Genre: New Adult Romance

Amazon Rating: 4.5 stars

Goodreads Rating: 3.7 stars

A paper marriage to a secret prince… what could go wrong?
The first day I lay eyes on gorgeous, debonair George Whittemore, he proposes to me.

It’s not as romantic as it sounds. See, George’s trust fund is set up so that he only gets his money once he’s married. And me, I’m in England to hide from my past in the States. I want to stay on this side of the pond as long as I can.

It’s all very practical, you see. What I don’t expect is the sudden revealing of George’s royal blood… or the chemistry between us. Soon a few heated glances turn to stolen kisses, and before I know it George has swept me off my feet… and into his bed.

When my past rears its ugly head, threatening scandal for the new Prince, suddenly things come to a breaking point. I’ve fallen for George, and him for me… but is it enough to overcome all that stands between us?

Check it out: Amazon Goodreads

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